Amöniacö was born in Santiago in 2008 and his current line-up is Carlos Vandal in vocals and guitars, Jano Perverso in bass and Rod García in drums. They cultivate an alternative and darkwave rock, close to The Cure, New Order and Editors. Their first album, “Tu Fuego”, released in October 2011, had a good reception from the public and from specialized critics such as Mick Mercer, one of the most influential critics in the United Kingdom, and Andy Anderson, ex- drummer of The Cure. The singles “Caer”, “Tu fuego” and “Aprendo a morir” stand out from this album.

In April 2013, Amöniacö was in charge of the opening show for legendary band The Cure in Chile at the National Stadium, as part of the Latin American tour, The Cure themselves chose their support bands in each country. The performance of the band received praise from the public, the press, people linked to the music industry and Robert Smith himself. “Time to change” was the first single of what will be their second album, it was recorded and mixed in Studio Master by the English producer and engineer Barry Sage, who has worked with artists such as David Bowie, New Order, The Rolling Stones and the Nationals Nicole and UPA! The mastering was in charge of Martin Bowes, who has just mastered the last single of NIN, at The Cage studios in Coventry, United Kingdom. This single became the 6th videoclip of the band starring Muriel Lorca. In May 2015, they performed in the city of Lima with the band Cardenales as part of a cultural exchange between Chile and Peru, where an exclusive version of the single “Time to change” was released. By the end of July 2015, the band was selected to record a single for the third Converse Rubber tracks competition. It was the opportunity to work with Pablo Giadach in the Lautaro studio. The song chosen was “No volveré”. In February 2016, the band performed at the legendary Batuta, opening the legendary show Forterno Landing and offered a show on “Blondie” one of the most important stages of Latin America. For September 2016 the band was selected as a semi-finalist in “Vive Rock Latino” by Hard Rock Cafe, becoming the second most watched band through the streaming of HRC’s social networks. In 2017 the band became part of the catalog of producer Santiago Noiser, and has performed in various stages, including The Santiago Noiser Fest, Mi Bar, Irish Bar, Audiomusic Sessions, SCD Plaza Egaña, and prepare their show for the “Festival Brigada de Negro” to be held in the city of Lima. The band is promoting their new single “Castigarás” which was recorded on Indómito Records by producer André Valenzuela (Mar Rojo, SPDV) and mastered by the concoido Producer Mariano Pavez. The single was released live in November of 2017 an it was published in January 2018 in its digital format.

In October 2018 the band re-released the single “No volveré” at the same time a new Ep was being recorded. In March 2019 the band launched their Ep entitled Azul Prusia with producer José Ignacio Jaras. From this work the singles “Será a ti” and “Azul Prusia” are extracted. In June 2019 the band premieres the video for “It will be you” which was shot in an old house in Providencia, which was demolished days later. In December the band releases the animated video for “Azul Prusia”, which was directed by Carlos Vandal with the production of Santiago Noiser. This work gave the band the opportunity of signing with the most important independant record label in the US, Cleopatra Records.